Our history

Born between the desert drums of West Africa, the wild forests of Abya Yala and the European Social Movements.

Dancing in Ouagadougou, hight drums, dust from the dunes come into our bodies, the speaking languages that have survived awake the mind and the body moves slowly.

I, creative ¨main¨ foundress of the platform, was born in the wild forest of Central America, mixed blood,still hear the sound of the ocarinas.

Being a nomad by nature, ATAEC came out of the reunion of cultures, the European minds ready to create a new world, space out from late economic systems, ancestral souls keeping their music, dances and cosmovisions alive, and travelers used to live with less and open to the new adventure... we rap, we paint, we cry and laught out loud...

We make ART as a state of the soul, deep in our hearts, we give small steps that bring big changes.

Thank you Camille and Ratou, you are the first seed, after that everybody is welcome.

¨ Ratou the Burkinabe who has no husband, no children and dances as the most beautiful breath of life in Ouagadougou¨,

with love Violeta Kokopelli

What is ATAEC?

ATAEC it’s an Artists Network for Cultural Preservation & EcoSocial Action. BASED ON COLLECTIVE FUNDS.A worldwide data base of independent and collective artists, cultural organizations, galleries, art spaces, ancestral communities, or any kind of organization/ body that holds on ARTISTIC KNOWLEDGE & ACTIONS.


Artistic Synergies- Give & Receive Classes

Collective Funds & Collaboration in Art & Ecosocial Action

Cultural Preservation


Giving ethnic, collective and autonomous support to art, circular economy models and diversity.

How does it work?!

Very simple, according to your interests you can create your account/ profile, after three months of being part of the platform a 30€/1 year membership is asked to be payed in order to continue being part of the community.

The funds are collectivized at the Ecosocial Action Network.

You can apply for funds, filling up the form, you do not need any ¨special situation¨ in order to apply for funds, the projects must be related to: art, cultural preservation, climate change needs, food & water access.

Your projects can crowdfund thru the Collective Funds space.

Investors, donators, visionarys can choose to invest by project, type of action or territory.

Types of users

1. Artistic Synergies- Give & Receive Classes membership 30€/ 1 YEAR
  Create your profile & Ecosocial projects
  Publish events
  Take part & Manage projects: needs- actions- collaboration- access to   collective funds

2. Mapping user free
  All access
  + add users to the plaform

3. Investor free
  Invest by type of action, territory or project

4. Third sector users free
  All access
  Have to be added by a mapping user


A free and open space to co-create and finance communitarian action related to art, society & nature. Projects of artistic, ecological and social benefit can have their own profile with the calendar of actions and needs in order to get financial support and collaboration from the association and other users.

. Art
. Cultural Preservation
. Climate Change Needs
. Food & Water access

Where do we get the funds from?

1. 30€ / 1 year memberships
2. The Collective Funds space

Collective Funds

Here we gather the monetary investment from users, organizations and projects.In this space collaborators can access to their own type of eco-social investment and choose where and how they want the money to be collectivized in accordance with the objectives of ATAEC.

We believe in transparency, individual and collective support and the culture of trust. Our goal is to transform ATAEC into an open social economy space, conscious, balanced and eco-active.